Sculptor Vladimir Filatov
  The country of my soul


All my life I was drawing. In childhood I sculpted clay soldiers and played in war, but mostly I was drawing.

I liked to make copies of portraits of popular people and favourite dogs, paintings I was impressioned by. In this work I realized at first time my abilities to drawing. The patience and assiduity distinguished myself from another. Also I was going in for sports. My imagination was developed in different lines: I loved sea, sun, music, trips, fantasy books and successfully play volleyball (I was a member of the select team of my region). Without troubles I entered in to University of sport and physical training.

After finishing the university, I was working as a sport-doctor. From 1982 to 1984 I established sculpture compositions dedicated to surgery and physiotherapy.

When I was in army, I consciously decided to engage in art and sculpture. On 1985 I entered in Academy of art in Kiev. Sport and medical experience helped me gratefully in culture of labour, in study, in ability to concentrate and attain the result in work.

I was working a lot, net everything was easy. I always tried to not only on one work. Finished the Academy of Art perfectly well with recommendation to Union of Art of USSR. In 1990 I was accept into Union of Art of USSR.

From 1987 I am working in design. I developed a collection of mannequin and was awarded silver medal on the Exhibition of the economics gains in Moscow in 1989. I have worked successfully in sculpture design till 1995.

The USSR rebuilding and new hopes induced me to make sculptures in new aesthetic and intellection. I tried to develop different in synthesis of arts and new formal decisions.

On the same time I was working on the Diploma project Afganian calvary which was dedicated to the victims of Afganian war. The monument has been set in Kyiv in 1994 and universal mannequins. I tried to use new technologies and materials.

In 1995 triptych Adam and Eva opened the door of the Otto gallery in Vienna

If you have ever know, such rubbish from
The poetry is grown without a shame
                                     A. Achmatova

Those who is going, will overcome the way

Its first mottoes of my art way.

Greatest events in my life are the opening of the first personal exhibition in 1995 in Kiev in Golden Gate gallery and then personal exhibition in Paris on the Champ Elysee str. 26 in Art without frontiers gallery in 1999-2000.

In 1995 I have begun to produce the collection of sculptures The spiritual world of Slavic I attempt to understand history, features and set of mind of my nation.

My personal reflections and impressions about world of feelings, beauty and love formed the basis of my creative work. I tried as more accurately express and plastically solve the most important things I have ever felt.

Soul must work... it is a motto of everyday work on compositions and perfection of my creative work.

From more than one hundred creative compositions around twenty successfully exhibit in many countries, but aesthetic of European countries is very different.

There is the same way of attainment the result in art and sport. That is why I always compare my first youthful experience in sport and creative way.

Modern Ukrainian art has it is own national style, though I think that artists from my country have temptation to substitute our art. Thats why Ukraine lacks in widelyknown artists.

Always I hope only on myself.

Self-dependence of creative way and way of life of artist make his style independence, ethos, intellection, lights and as a result works.

I sincerely acknowledge to all my teachers...




© Vladimir Filatov